‘Mard Ke Seene Mein Baal Hota Hai’: Abhiruchi Ranjan

By Abhiruchi Ranjan

I made these posters as part of conducting the GSCASH (JNU) workshop in 2013-14. GSCASH workshops are conducted to sensitize the students regarding gender issues. Popular film dialogues and songs are an important means of capturing people’ s imagination. Using these dialogues and songs to create awareness about gender issues is a way Of speaking to the people, instead of speaking at them. Also conveyed in these images and lyrics are  biased attitudes which slowly become normalised and even admirable gender traits.

gscash posters ppt-page-001

gscash posters ppt-page-002

gscash posters ppt-page-003

gscash posters ppt-page-004

gscash posters ppt-page-005

gscash posters ppt-page-006

gscash posters ppt-page-011

gscash posters ppt-page-010

gscash posters ppt-page-009

gscash posters ppt-page-008

gscash posters ppt-page-007

Abhiruchi Ranjan is  a student of the Ph.D programme at the Centre for Political Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She can be contacted at abhiruchi.b.ranjan@gmail.com.


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One thought on “‘Mard Ke Seene Mein Baal Hota Hai’: Abhiruchi Ranjan

  1. sarabjeet kaur on said:

    Good Abhiruchi! !highly commendable job! it is high time not only men but we all need to change. Change in every sense! It seems as if we all are living in a jungle where there is no law no rule…we should hang our heads in shame because we all pretend to be civilised but we are worse then animals!
    Great effort Abhiruchi! Keep it up!

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