WALK: Maya Krishna Rao

By Maya Krishna Rao

Photo By Maia Barkaia

Maya Krishna Rao is a well-known actor, dancer, director, and teacher, Photo By Maia Barkaia

In every possible way I suppose. I’m sure it impacts on my choices of themes, on the kind of interpretation, of expressive language….. But, on a different note, probably because I was made to specialize in the male role in Kathakali, today, in creating work, the male and female lie along a continuum for me; at least in terms of energy. I am not talking of psychological makeup or of gender as it plays out in our everyday world. Simply in terms of a creative energy. Probably that’s why I have often, quite unintentionally, though, chosen to interpret stories in terms of the male and female element that resides in all of us. For example, in Khol Do, the father’s search for his daughter is so intense; he begins to find her within himself. Or in Brecht’s ‘The Job’ – the story is of a woman who leads her life as a man…… My comedies are usually about women who have some crazy obsession, and have an amazing power to make their impossible dreams come true – a power that leaves some men gasping…..! What is it that excites you most about theatre? That it is LIVE. There is no other art that is as close to life as theatre. Yet it has the power to transport you. The medium is the human body in its WHOLENESS – body, mind, heart, spirit – all present on stage in full element, full force.……. No other art has that…….(From NJS 35-36)


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