All about Little Things: Love, Sex and Gender

I love you and I say this in front of Marie. Your gender looks at the whole person who has sex with her. Your sex, Alexandre, who gives me much pleasure. Your sex, Alexandre, is not important to me. That said, poured another Pernod. Your head that you understand everything, who tells stories and sounding absolutely ridiculous and pretentious. The joke among us is that one takes it very seriously and the other is not taken seriously. – Guess who takes it seriously. – Do you two or all three? Of us, Alexandre and myself. Marie, let me for once… But if I let you! Let me, I beg you, Marie, let me, by a sad story of sex… Understand that stories of sex for me is unimportant. And I do not care if foll�is. I’m so happy with you. I do not care. Understand once and for all brings me to cool Look, I’m starting to get drunk and mumbling. It is absolutely horrible because I say what I think. And I could stay with you all the time, I’m so happy. I feel loved by both. And the other is looking at me with eyes of moths, thinking: “Small, still talking, but I pillars. I beg you, I’m not pretending. But what do you think? For me there are no whores. For me, a girl who fuck with anyone not a whore. To me there is no whores, that’s all. Anyone can suck, fuck and can not be a bitch. I agree. There are no whores on earth, hell, you know. Surely you understand. A married woman who is happy and dreaming of fucking anyone. with the head of her husband, an actor of shit with the milkman, the plumber, is a whore? There. What does the word “whore”? Only pussies, there is only sex. What do you think? It is sad, eh? It is very cheerful. I leave myself screwed by anyone. I fucked and I have a great time. Why did you give much importance to sex stories? Sex… Fuck me good. How I love you! Only you can fuck well. How to deceive people! What are gullible! Only one you, there’s only one me. Only you can fuck well. Only I can be fucked well for you. How funny! What a horrible and sordid! Damn! What a sordid and horrible! If you knew as I love them both. And the little that has to do with sex. I recently deflowered with 19 or 20 years. How little does! And then I had a lot of lovers. And I’m fucked. It may be a patient, a chronic case of nymphomania. And yet I do not care. Getting pregnant would be a real tostonazo. I have an “Tampax” and to take it off and fuck should do their best, brings me to the cooler. If people could understand that fucking sucks. There is only a beautiful thing: Because you love so fuck you want to create a child that you like. If not, is something sordid. You just have to fuck when two people really want. I’m not drunk. If I cry, I do it for all my past life. My past sexual life, which is so short. Five years of sexual life is very short. You see, Marie? I speak because I love you. So many men have fucked me… I have wanted to, you know? I wanted to because I have a fat ass in a given time may be desirable. I have beautiful breasts that are very desirable. My mouth is not bad. And when I paint the eyes, are not bad. And I have fucked a lot in a vacuum. I have wished so in a vacuum. I’m dramatizing, Marie, I’m not drunk. What do you think? What I pity my damn lucky? Not at all. I fucked like a whore. But, you know? I think a man will come some day, love me and make a child because I love it. And love is only valid when you want to have a baby. If you want a child, you feel that you love. A couple who does not want a child, is not a partner, it sucks. Anything, a speck of dust. Couples released… You screwed by your side, darling, fuck me for mine. We are very happy together. We met. We are so good… It is no reproach, on the contrary. My sadness is not a reproach, you know? It’s an old sadness we have had for 5 years. It is your affair. How well he sees you together! Look, you will be happy.

The Mother and The Whore(1973)

The Mother and The Whore(1973)

We get less pay for the same work as men. We’re less likely to get jobs […] We’re less likely to be educated, less likely to be unionized.The present setup of the family puts great strains on us. Either we’re struggling to combine badly paid work with bringing up a family or unable to do work for which we’ve been trained.The area of taboo on our sexuality is much more extensive, and the double standard is still pervasive. Some women still never experience orgasm.When we complain, it’s about little things. We want to drive buses and play football. We don’t want to be brought with bottles or expensive wines, We don’t want to be wrapped up in cellophane, sent off to make tea or shuffled into the social committee. And when you complain about the little things, you get stuck in the little things. It’s difficult to get out of them. It’s difficult to get beyond them and there’s no way they can be dismissed because people say, “Well, you’re just trying to be as men.”But it’s the little things which happen to you all the time.every day, all the time, wherever you go, all your life, which make revolutions. Revolutions are about little things.It’s here that the subordinated relates to the dominated. It’s here that discontent focuses…it’s here the experience is felt, is expressed, articulated, resisted through the particular….the particular pummel you gently into passivity, so that you can’t even see beyond the little things, beyond the particular.We don’t how to find one another or ourselves. Thus we are divided like all oppressed groups, divided by real situations and in our understanding and consciousness of our condition.We’re in different classes, as we devour and use one another.Emancipation is often only the struggle of the privileged to improve and consolidate its superiority.The women of the working class remain the exploited of the exploited, oppressed as workers and oppressed as women.We’re divided, too, because sometimes we’re with families and sometimes we’re without them. This makes us distrust one another, because the woman with a home and children….is suspicious of the women with no ties; she sees her as a threat, a potential threat to her territorial security.And the single woman feels the married woman is being subtly critical of her because she’s not fulfilling her role as homemaker, her function as child bearer. She feels that she’s being accused of being unable to be a woman.They tell us what we should be as we grow up, especially from puberty, we’re under intensive pressure to be acceptable, not to put ourselves outside the safety net of marriage. We’re taught from small girls that failure means not being selected by men. It’s the same as being..The sign of intelligence and subtlety is being able to secure the contractual bargain, handing over your virginity for a marriage document. Orgasm is a matter of merchandise. They don’t like us to be too clever. Remember: you might go to university, but men want someone who can cook. The emphasis in our education tends to be much more on integration. The encouragement of active criticism, of intellectual aggression, is very rare. It’s the cautious virtues which predominate.This is difficult when you find yourself in an intellectual confrontation with men, because there’s a double bind…’s assumed you have nothing to say, or it’s difficult to assert that you want to say something to say, or you’re observed to say nothing they assume you’ve got nothing to say.It’s very difficult to stray from the definition of what they want because there’s a danger of being rejected in a double sense. You’re not only rejected as a rebel, but you’re rejected for a moral reason, too. It’s much more difficult to cope with the moral thing. There’s still the whole dirty frightened patronizing world behind “slut,” “tart,” “old slag,” “nymphomaniac,” “dolly,” “bird,” “chick,” “bit of stuff,” “bit of crumpet,” “old bag,” “silly cow,” “bluestocking.” These words have got no male equivalents because there are no male equivalents…limited liberated areas. You give up struggling on every front and you ease into a niche of acceptance. You become the educated housewife with your cooking recipes. Or the image of the suffragette, which is a distorted image: tweedy, [with an air of authority, short hair] and a deep voice, advancing aggressively on the male world, in the boardroom The sexual oppression of this […] is a profound distaste for the male: emancipation simply becomes doing without men.Sexuality is another retreat. Because you haven’t had the choice, the free choice, of what to do with your bodies because they’ve been part of somebody else’s belongings. You prove that you have got control, that you are liberated, simply by fucking. But if you can’t extend the definition of your constraint beyond this, you’re in an even worse hang-up. Because you’re just caught: you’re’re reacting not because you’re trying to say, “I want to be something else.” You’re just reacting to…They forget that you’re trapped within a system. You’re trapped fundamentally, through your class.And you’re trapped because you’re still reacting to the definition that somebody else has of you..Marxists have always stressed, when they talk about the subordination of women, that it’s part of the total, mutual devouring process called capitalism. They’ve said that capitalism forces people to eat each other….and that the false relationships between men and men, and women and men, are part of this process. But sometimes this has been twisted into a rather glib distinction..They’ve said, “It’s just an economic thing.” They’ve said, “Wait until we get the revolution, then we’ll deal you actual equality. We’ll give you equal pay, and we’ll give you nursery schools.”Another thing they’ve said is that the way that women are subordinated is through the family…..through a particular kind of historical process which developed along with capitalism. And therefore they’ve said, “When we’ve abolished capitalism, we can then go on to abolish the family….but people are attached to the family now, so you can’t do anything about it.” And in a way you can’t do anything about any of the situations of capitalism, ultimately. But in every other area – in the situation of the working class or in the situation of Negroes – where there’s an idea of struggle..there’s always been the idea that you work firstly for reforms, and then you put forward strategic demands. These are kinds of reforms which cannot be granted in the system, but they lead on to new kinds of possible alternatives. And it seems that it would be a good thing to apply this to women: that is, by asking certain things, you not only get a better condition, but you expose the inadequacies and the contradictions within the system.

British Sounds a.k.a. See You at Mao(1969)

British Sounds a.k.a. See You at Mao(1969)

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