Power of Money by Marx

“That which exists for me through the medium of   money, that which I can pay for, i.e., that which   money can buy,  that am I, the possessor of   money.   The stronger the power   of my money, the stronger am  I.  The properties of money are my,    the possessor’s,   properties and   essential powers. Therefore,   what I   am  and what I can do is   by no means determined by   my   individuality. I am ugly, but I can buy the most   beautiful woman.  Which means to say that I am   not   ugly, for the effect of ugliness, its repelling power, is   destroyed by money. As an individual, I am lame, but   money procurs me 24 legs. Consequently, I am not   lame. I am a wicked, dishonest, unscrupulous and   stupid individual, but money is respected, and so also  is its owner. Money is the highest good, and consequently its owner is also good. Moreover, money spares me the trouble of being dishonest, and I am therefore presumed to be honest. I am mindless, but if money is the true mind of all things, how can its owner be mindless? What is more, he can buy clever people for himself, and is not he who has power over clever people cleverer than them? Through money, I can have anything the human heart desires. Do I not possess all human abilities? Does not money therefore transform all my incapacities into their opposite?”
(From Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844)


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